Hut Lake 3 Wheelin’

Lately I have been having difficulty to find time editing my videos. Life gets on the way. This one is actually from summer 2014. We had a great trip to Hut Lake in a small group of 3 jeeps. There were a lot 3 wheeling involved so I though that would be a good name for the video. Enjoy!

Snow Wheeling

This is the video of our 3 runs over 3 days. We started on January 1, 2013 in West Harrison area. On 3rd we went to Eagle mountain and on 6th we were on Britannia FSR. We had plenty of snow. I broke my steering stabilizer on Eagle mountain. Britannia FSR was full with fresh snow. We had to some logging but hey! this is how we maintain our access to our back country 🙂


We went up the Mamquam River FSR last weekend. It wasn’t a technical ride but the scenery was well worth. We also had a couple in their 2012 new JK Rubicon. It was the first time they took their jeep offroad. I hope they liked it. My jeep is a lot of fun after the mods but I sometimes miss the stock form of my jeep when I see other shiny stock jeeps 🙂


Ashlu Mines

This is the video of our trips to Eagle Mountain and Squamish Valley FSR. Second part of the video is in Squamish Valley area. We went to Ashlu and Cloudburst Mountain. One weekend we tried but we couldnt make it to the top in Ashlu because of snow. We went back the next week and the snow was gone. We went all the way up to the old mine site.


Brohm Ridge

Brohm Ridge is the place to go in August to watch breath taking sunsets.  The sun disappears behind the long range of big mountains.  I was so busy taking photos that I only realized later I didn’t shot any videos 🙂


Mineral Peak

Aug 12th, 2012

This is our last trip to Mineral Peak. On the way, we stopped at the old ruins of Britannia Copper Mine power plant. From there we came back to Britannia Creek Fsr and followed the route up to get to Jane’s Basin.  This was area where they used to dig and move earth.  We decided to go further up.  That was best decision.  We started climbing up the mountain in our jeeps. The road started getting narrower.  We had to some sharp hair pin turns which had some pucker factor built in it.  One side was mountain and the other side was a sharp 1000 ft drop.  Once we get to the top we were surprised to find out that the top of mountain was big crater from all the digging.  The scenery was breath taking.  The peak itself is like a big crater or a big hole on top of the mountain. It must be all the digging for the minerals.


Mineral Peak

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Indian Arm FSR

Aug 26th, 2012

Wigwam Inn is at the north end of Indian Arm, BC. It is a high end restaurant/inn where rich and famous hang out. The only access to the restaurant is by boat. Well, that was untill we got there by our Jeeps. We decided not to have the dinner there because we werent dressed properly 🙂 It wasnt easy to get there by our Jeeps but some people said we couldnt do it. We decided to take the challenge and try. The rest is history now 🙂