This trip was totally scenic. We have seen the ghost town of Braidan, swam in Kingdom lake with frogs, ate Dutch oven biscuits, saw a couple mines, an old hotel. It was an overall very relaxing camping trip. In fact it was so relaxing that I dont ever remember being so relaxed.

Apex Mountain, Hedley, BC

Apex Mountain is a ski resort. If you have the money, as far as I know, it is for sale too. The whole area is a beautiful alpine country. Very much like Whipsaw. It very close to Whipsaw too. It is in Hedley, BC. The best of the trip other than camping by the lake and beautiful scenery was Plain Hard Trail. This trail was supposedly too hard for JKs to do. Well, all of us, finished the trail. Scott was leading us in his heavily built TJ. He is a highly qualified, avid and talented off road driver. He even had his challenges in certain areas. I was the only JK driver to complete the trail without pulling my winch line. That made me feel good. But not everybody was enjoying the trail as much as I did. In my opinion, Dillon in his open open sahara was the truly the winner of the day.

Hut Lake

Drop Side: There are 2 lines to pick at side of the entrance to Hut Lake Trail. Right side was recently “fixed” which made it really easy for our jeeps. Left side is more challenging. My friend Pat decided to try the left side. Seeing him going through encouraged me and I decided to try it too. Of course the next thing, everybody decided to pick that line on the way out. We got 9 jeeps out of the entrance by the hard way. 2 of them needed a little pull but at the end everybody had a great time. The best part was VIP lounge viewing area which was created by Jim. He found this garden chair on the side and yes, please see it yourself 🙂


This area had a couple of water falls, lots of big rocks and snow. I spotted some very rare SNOW JEEPS high up on the mountains crouching over snowy rocks. It was a good opportunity to film them 🙂


On Oct 28th, 2012, we were back to Hut Lake.  These photos were taken on the same day of my video called Drop Side.