Moab ’15 Adventure – Steelbender

After our last year Moab 2014 trip, we decided to go back to Moab this year for more fun. Dave, Dillon, Ron and I was getting ready for this trip for almost since we left Moab last year. This time we rented a house in between 4 friends. It was much better than camping in freezing cold ūüôā

The first trail we picked was Steelbender. We were tired from the road we have driven in 2 days from Vancouver, BC to Moab, UT. So a trail like Steelbender with moderate difficulty and being close to town was a perfect choice. When I say close to town, the trail literally starts right at the edge of the town where the housing ends.

The 2 big obstacles on Steelbender is The Wall and The Fall. We somehow missed The Wall but The Fall was exciting. It was a big ledge which drops almost 7 or 8 feet high. When you touch down if you are too close to right side, nothing will stop you to drop another 14 feet ūüôā So slow and the spotter are the key words. The rest of the trail is full with lots of ledges, some sandy canyon driving and 2 water crossings. One at the beginning and one at the end. The second water crossing follows with 2 big ledges and a skyscraper high rock. This rock has pictographs on it. We tried to estimate the drawings. My estimate for the story on the wall was “Dogs are good pets. They protect man from evil creatures by biting their legs” or something like that.

This trail is definitely not a stock jeep trail. Lockers and high clearance would be recommended.

Hut Lake 3 Wheelin’

Lately I have been having difficulty to find time editing my videos. Life gets on the way. This one is actually from summer 2014. We had a great trip to Hut Lake in a small group of 3 jeeps. There were a lot 3 wheeling involved so I though that would be a good name for the video. Enjoy!


This is a very muddy trail on Slyvester road. The mud changes all the time. Sometimes it is soupy and sometimes it is drier. The other challenge is the trees. The sharp and pointy branches are like spears that could go through soft tops. It is a popular trail for all sorts of wheelers. It is quite possible to find audience there everytime.


Lower Fuct

This trail is probably one of the most technical trails in BC. It has 3 levels. From easiest to hardest, they are called Lower Fuct, Upper Fuct and Blue Balls. In this video me and evdog are going through the lower fuct. It is not very long but it knarly. The body damage is unavoidable. It is considered that if you didnt pull your winch line, you had a very good day on this trail. I definitely want to go back and finish it without pulling my winch line.

Splash and Snow

In this video, we were wheeling in 3 different locations in 3 different days. First area is the Jan 1st, 2014 wheeling in East Harrison. We were having fun in the water. Making some splashes. The second area was Stave lake area up Slyvester Road. This old sunken forest looks very spooky. Having it covered with snow was even spookier. The third area is Eagle Mountain. This trail is hard enough without snow. It was harder with snow. I got stuck once and had to winch myself out. Dave didnt get stuck at all. We both made it to lookout.

Death Valley 2014

When the wind storm hit our camp site and knocked down our tents in Moab, we decided to continue our journey towards death valley. ¬†It was a huge temperature change from Moab to Death Valley. ¬†This place looks totally like a different planet. ¬†The first day we went and explored Titus Valley. ¬†Lots of norrow passages. ¬†The second day, we explored Scotty’s Castle and Race track. ¬†Everybody who goes to Death Valley should see Scotty’s Castle. This big mension in the middle of nowhere. ¬†Self sufficient in this extremely deadly environment. And amazing story of a con artist. Race track is full with mysteries. ¬†The name comes from these racing rocks. ¬†Nobody knows how they move and leave these tracks. Well up until we met the scientists who were trying to solve this mystery. ¬†They were doing some research with their satellite gear when we were there. ¬†They told us that they have an answer to this mystery and they will publish it in 3 months time. The third and last day, Dave and I decided to go find Charles Manson’s hiding place. ¬†We got good instructions from another camper and after getting lost a few times, we found the place. It was called Barker Ranch. ¬†Luckily when we got lost, we found 2 or 3 mine sites full with old machinery. ¬†On the way back to campsite we walked the sand dunes. This is a place I would love to go back and explore more.

Moab 2014 – Golden Spike

As we got further into trail, the scenery got better and better. At the same time, the rocks and waterfalls, and the ledges got steeper and higher. The fun was at its highest level in terms of jeeping. I cant wait to go back to Moab ūüôā One of the awesome part of this ¬†trail was to see Dillon in his rescue green jeep tackling every obstacle. He doesnt have the lockers or gears we have but choosing the right lines and his driving skills did the job for him. Kudos to him and wait to see him going over Golden Crack in the next episode.


Installing an Onboard Air System from VIAIR

Last weekend I installed Viair OBA in my jeep. This system is really fast. I could use air tools and air horn with it.  I could also use it for air lockers but I have a rubicon wrangler. It comes with electric lockers.  It is also extremely fast to air the tires up.