Kenyon Lake

This lake is basically at the end of the Slyvester Road. It is a very remote lake. There was nobody there even on the weekend. From there we went to natural bath tubs. The water was crystal clear and each tub had its own jet/shower system. It was a little cold to jump in but I think it is an area I should go back on a very hot day. After the tubs we took a very challenging trail in which we had to use the winch a few times.

2 Responses to “Kenyon Lake

  • Where are the tubs? Iv been to Kenyon lake a couple times but never seen the tubs?

    • Hi Brad, I wouldnt be able to tell you because I was following my buddies that day. I have no idea where they were exactly. You could try BC4x4 or to find out. Sorry!

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