Moab ’15 Adventure – Metalmasher

Second day, we got to the Metalmasher Trail. It was a dusty 22 mile drive from highway to trailhead. Thats why we had to use our bandanas to cover our mouth and nose. This is a hardcore trail for high clearance, locked and loaded rigs. 2 main obstacles are Rock Chucker and Widow Maker. I tried Rock Chucker and failed. I decided I definitely need more lift and 40s 🙂 Widow Maker was easy with the winch anchor bolted on the rocks. Just tie your line and go 🙂 There are a few scenic areas where you could see the highway down below or watch the million year old mountains. When we got to the overlook, Dillon and I decided to climb on the rock on the left which looks like an eagles head. I wanted to stand on the eagles beak. Dave took a picture of me and Dillon. I think this might be the most craziest and adventurous pictures I got taken in my life.

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