Molibdenite ’13

It was time to go back to my favorite area again. I love Molybdenite area. Driving on the ridge involves considerable amount of pucker factor but when you get to the top the views ar spectacular. This year’s trip was a little different. First of all, I was able take a picture of a deer very close. On the way down I got a flat tire but the worst was that when Rick was driving up the ridge, a big rock rolled over from the mountain and hit his jeep on the side. His jeep went 2 feet sideways towards the cliff but stopped right on the edge. The rock had enough momentum and weight to move the jeep. You could see the rock in the video. Dillon and I had to roll it towards cliff side so that while crawling over it our jeeps would lean towards the mountain.


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  • Hey, really looking to do this trip next year and would like to get more information on the trail, IE maps, GPS coordinates, entry points, EST time to complete the drive. I am going to be bringing my father there as a fathers day gift. It would would be great for him to see more than just Northwestern Ontario. Thanks and hope to hear from you.

    • I borrowed a book from a friend about Moab. It has all the information you are looking for. It is called “Guide to Moab,UT Backroads and 4 wheel drive trails” by Charles A. Wells. You could probably find it in your local library.

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