Mountain Jeep (at Molibdenite)

This was my best trip ever in my jeep.  I enjoyed both the trip and making the video of it. I really liked my friend Pat’s comment on this trip.  Here I will share it with you word by word:

“It was awe inspiring to get that high up into the mountains in our jeeps! This was the most scenic and incredible wheeling I’ve done and was well worth the drive. The pics and vids that are going to come out of this trip won’t even do justice to the awesomeness of it all…but they are going to be epic. A stock jeep would make it all the way to the top of this well made road to the heavens but I wouldn’t do it alone. From the upper meadow which is at the 6600′ level to the top the trail is sometimes just wheel width wide and the view out the downside window is of a 1650′ drop off at about 60 degrees. Makes for some real gut checking moments….throw in a couple if big rocks that require the inner wheel to go over them because there is no way around them and you’ve got an exciting moment or two!”



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