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typically refers to a long journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose.


is the act of searching or traveling around a terrain  for the purpose of discovery of resources or information.


is the recreation of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain.

Tread Lightly

to empower generations to enjoy the outdoors responsibly through stewardship to further the goals of responsible and ethical recreation.


Ashlu Mines

This is the video of our trips to Eagle Mountain and Squamish Valley FSR. Second part of the video is in Squamish Valley area. We went to Ashlu and Cloudburst Mountain. One weekend we tried but we couldnt make it to the top in Ashlu because of snow. We went back the next week and the snow was gone. We went all the way up to the old mine site.


Whipsaw 2012

This is our trip to Whipsaw Trail in Princeton, BC. There were 17 jeepers in our group. It was also our friend Pat’s birthday so we celebrated it on the camp site. The movie is two parts which contains my videos from 3 days of Alpine scenery, wheeling and our camp site.

Trail Info :

Most of the trail is driven close to tree line but in several places it goes into alpine meadows where views from the top are breathtaking on a clear day. The Falcon Hill Climb can be trying for some trucks, but the result is exhilarating. Rough spots start after about 24 kilometres of forestry road access. There are a number of rock shelves/ledges but all can be accomplished in dry weather. The Ditch can be the most difficult impediment to cross depending on precipitation. Highest clearance 4×4 with lockers should go first to recover those that get stuck. The east end of The Ditch has a 50-60 centimetre wall that can be difficult to surmount. Numerous attempts to bypass the most direct crossing have resulted in a large quagmire which extends extensively to each side of the trail.

The trail can be done in one day depending weather/trail conditions and experience of the driver. It is suggested that one leaves at least 1.5-2 days to do this trip as there are many ponds, cabins, mine sites, side trails to explore at a relatively leisure pace. • Trail Head – the start of the trail (south to north direction) comes after about 6.5 kilometres of forestry access road. Most trucks stop to air down before heading out onto the rocky trail. • The Grave – shortly after heading out on the trail, off-roaders find themselves at a single gravesite surrounded by a meadow and trees. • Granite Mountain Meadows – At the highest point of the trail there are open meadows with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. • The Pond – Many off-roaders stop at this serene spot near the meadows to rest and have some lunch before heading toward the more difficult area of the trail. • Shelf Climb – the trail has a number of rock shelves that are slightly difficult in dry weather but can pose a threat when wet. • Falcon Hill – legend has it the hill was named after Skip Marsh, who in 1979, successfully drove his 1966 Ford Falcon two-wheel drive up the hill. • The Ditch – Varies in depth, depending on the time of the year. Add snow to the mix and it will prevent some off-roaders from making it across. Last difficult part of trail. • Load Stone Lake – Heading down the mountain, off-roaders will experience a series of sharp, steep, downhill turns before reaching the lake. • Granite City Ghost Town – the area just south of Granite Creek is often used as a campsite by off-roaders. The creek flows into the Tulameen River.

Source :


This is the second part of Whipsaw 2012 video.


Whipsaw 2011

Our off – road camping trip to Whipsaw, BC, Canada
Sep 11/12, 2011


Second Part pd whipsaw 2011

Brohm Ridge

Brohm Ridge is the place to go in August to watch breath taking sunsets.  The sun disappears behind the long range of big mountains.  I was so busy taking photos that I only realized later I didn’t shot any videos 🙂


Brohm Ridge

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[img src=]17310

Britannia Copper Mines

We followed the Britannia Creek road up and first discovered old mine car tracks and a concrete structure. Then we went down towards the creek and passed by the old ruins of a swimming pool.  This was old towns public swimming pool. When we arrived the creek, there was a little dam which was part of the power plant.  Then we followed the route up the creek and crossed to creek later to get to the old generator building.  This building’s roof has collapsed.  The machinery and the back wall are still there.



Mineral Peak

Aug 12th, 2012

This is our last trip to Mineral Peak. On the way, we stopped at the old ruins of Britannia Copper Mine power plant. From there we came back to Britannia Creek Fsr and followed the route up to get to Jane’s Basin.  This was area where they used to dig and move earth.  We decided to go further up.  That was best decision.  We started climbing up the mountain in our jeeps. The road started getting narrower.  We had to some sharp hair pin turns which had some pucker factor built in it.  One side was mountain and the other side was a sharp 1000 ft drop.  Once we get to the top we were surprised to find out that the top of mountain was big crater from all the digging.  The scenery was breath taking.  The peak itself is like a big crater or a big hole on top of the mountain. It must be all the digging for the minerals.


Mineral Peak

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[img src=]1820
[img src=]1740
[img src=]1690
[img src=]1700
[img src=]1270
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[img src=]1250
[img src=]1120SAMSUNG
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[img src=]1100SAMSUNG
[img src=]1140SAMSUNG
[img src=]1060SAMSUNG
[img src=]1010SAMSUNG
[img src=]1050SAMSUNG
[img src=]980SAMSUNG
[img src=]1030SAMSUNG
[img src=]1000SAMSUNG

Indian Arm FSR

Aug 26th, 2012

Wigwam Inn is at the north end of Indian Arm, BC. It is a high end restaurant/inn where rich and famous hang out. The only access to the restaurant is by boat. Well, that was untill we got there by our Jeeps. We decided not to have the dinner there because we werent dressed properly 🙂 It wasnt easy to get there by our Jeeps but some people said we couldnt do it. We decided to take the challenge and try. The rest is history now 🙂


Hut Lake

Drop Side: There are 2 lines to pick at side of the entrance to Hut Lake Trail. Right side was recently “fixed” which made it really easy for our jeeps. Left side is more challenging. My friend Pat decided to try the left side. Seeing him going through encouraged me and I decided to try it too. Of course the next thing, everybody decided to pick that line on the way out. We got 9 jeeps out of the entrance by the hard way. 2 of them needed a little pull but at the end everybody had a great time. The best part was VIP lounge viewing area which was created by Jim. He found this garden chair on the side and yes, please see it yourself 🙂


This area had a couple of water falls, lots of big rocks and snow. I spotted some very rare SNOW JEEPS high up on the mountains crouching over snowy rocks. It was a good opportunity to film them 🙂


On Oct 28th, 2012, we were back to Hut Lake.  These photos were taken on the same day of my video called Drop Side.