Moab 2015 Adventure – BFE and Kane Creek

Last day in Moab, we decided to do a scenic trail and take it easy. We also didn’t want to break any jeeps before we head back. What we didn’t know was the surprises waiting for us. My jeep was going to be ready around noon. So we decided that we would go and play around area BFE in the morning. Area BFE is a private land where you could play around with optional donation. It was a wet day and none of us knew what to expect on a wet, snowy and muddy day in Moab. It was ok to play on the rocks with less traction. We are used to that from BC anyways. But Moab mud proved itself to be an extreme challenge. Driving on Moab Mud was like driving on ice. It is a very fine soupy and sticky mud. If you walk in it, you start carrying 10lbs of mud under each feet after a few steps. If you drive on it, it is so fine and soupy that you get no traction. Once you get it on your tires, good luck trying to crawl over rocks. So we all experienced a different kind of wheeling that day.

After we picked my jeep, we started heading towards Kane Creek. The muddy road was a bitch. We weren’t having fun at all. But then we started heading down to flat area that put us on one of the most fun trails of my life. It was a combination of zig zaging across Kane creek with sandy and curvy bits in between. It was like a roller coaster ride. Curve to the left and curve to the right and down into creek and up on the road. It goes on and on. 50 something creek crossings on a fun trail. Just where it ends, we started climbing up this slippery road with 5 feet ledges on it. One side of the road was a wall cliff around 2000ft drop. The pucker factor was on highest level when the safe passes of some these ledges was on the cliff side. So in one day, our feelings changed from anger, hate, frustration, fun, extreme fun, scared to diaper needing. I must admit this was one of a kind day and possibly the best day of our trip.

Moab 2015 Adventure – Rusty Nail

This is an extreme trail which departs from Golden Bar Rim and passes by Jeep Arch and connects to Golden Spike near the Golden Crack. My jeep was in the shop getting repaired this day. This gave me an opportunity better plan my videos and I was able to walk away from the group for some long shots. It was definitly a fun day even without my jeep.

Moab ’15 Adventure – Metalmasher

Second day, we got to the Metalmasher Trail. It was a dusty 22 mile drive from highway to trailhead. Thats why we had to use our bandanas to cover our mouth and nose. This is a hardcore trail for high clearance, locked and loaded rigs. 2 main obstacles are Rock Chucker and Widow Maker. I tried Rock Chucker and failed. I decided I definitely need more lift and 40s 🙂 Widow Maker was easy with the winch anchor bolted on the rocks. Just tie your line and go 🙂 There are a few scenic areas where you could see the highway down below or watch the million year old mountains. When we got to the overlook, Dillon and I decided to climb on the rock on the left which looks like an eagles head. I wanted to stand on the eagles beak. Dave took a picture of me and Dillon. I think this might be the most craziest and adventurous pictures I got taken in my life.

Moab ’15 Adventure – Steelbender

After our last year Moab 2014 trip, we decided to go back to Moab this year for more fun. Dave, Dillon, Ron and I was getting ready for this trip for almost since we left Moab last year. This time we rented a house in between 4 friends. It was much better than camping in freezing cold 🙂

The first trail we picked was Steelbender. We were tired from the road we have driven in 2 days from Vancouver, BC to Moab, UT. So a trail like Steelbender with moderate difficulty and being close to town was a perfect choice. When I say close to town, the trail literally starts right at the edge of the town where the housing ends.

The 2 big obstacles on Steelbender is The Wall and The Fall. We somehow missed The Wall but The Fall was exciting. It was a big ledge which drops almost 7 or 8 feet high. When you touch down if you are too close to right side, nothing will stop you to drop another 14 feet 🙂 So slow and the spotter are the key words. The rest of the trail is full with lots of ledges, some sandy canyon driving and 2 water crossings. One at the beginning and one at the end. The second water crossing follows with 2 big ledges and a skyscraper high rock. This rock has pictographs on it. We tried to estimate the drawings. My estimate for the story on the wall was “Dogs are good pets. They protect man from evil creatures by biting their legs” or something like that.

This trail is definitely not a stock jeep trail. Lockers and high clearance would be recommended.

Moab 2014 – Golden Spike

As we got further into trail, the scenery got better and better. At the same time, the rocks and waterfalls, and the ledges got steeper and higher. The fun was at its highest level in terms of jeeping. I cant wait to go back to Moab 🙂 One of the awesome part of this  trail was to see Dillon in his rescue green jeep tackling every obstacle. He doesnt have the lockers or gears we have but choosing the right lines and his driving skills did the job for him. Kudos to him and wait to see him going over Golden Crack in the next episode.


Moab 2014 – Part 3 Poison Spider & Gold Bar Rim

This is one of the most popular trails in Moab and is often combined with Golden Spike and Gold Bar Rim. Poison Spider Mesa is a fun-filled combination of challenging obstacles and incredible scenery. We were driving with caution through difficult, huge, awkward ledges and many tippy spots. This trail requires modified vehicles with very high ground clearance, lockers, large tires and good articulation. Route-finding on loop portion of trail is very challenging. We followed the painted Jeep symbols.

Moab 2014 – Part 2 – Elephant Hill

This is the second day of our trip. Elephant hill area is 75 miles each way from Moab village. But it is worth for the scenery. The confluence where Colorado and Green rivers meet and The Crack Canyon have the most amazing views. There is a quite a long dry sandy creek bed drive on the trail. That’s when we tried some rally style driving. There are some sections we drove through tight squeeze between rocks and sometimes even under rocks. I should say for the scenery and fun, Elephant Hill topped all the trails we drove in Moab.


Got Moabed!

This spring brake 6 jeeps and 11 people took off from Vancouver, BC to get Moabed.  I was one of them. We drove up to Twin Lakes the first day and slept there in a motel to get to Moab the next day. As we got closer the weather got warmer.  As soon as we arrived, Dave and his family, Dillon and me went our campsite called Pack Creek.  It was a good campsite with electric and water hook up sites. The other half of the group stayed in a rental house.

First day we went to do Fins n Things and Hells Gate trails.  The landscape was nothing like we got used to in BC, Canada.  The colors were red, brown and beige.  We were basically driving on the rocks most of the time.  It was like a concrete road. The tires would shriek going over obstacles. The hills were steep and looked like fins.  They were narrow too. It was a big combination of ledges, steep climbs, squeezing through rocks.  The trail was nicely marked with white circles and the tire tracks of thousands of jeeps marked the trail as well.

The second day we did the Elephant Hill trail and hiked through the Joint.  I was so shocked there was such a place on earth.  I basically walking through a crack in the mountain and it was only as wide as my shoulders.  The ground was sandy.  I walked about 7 minutes to get to the other end.

The third day we were on Poison Spyder, Golden Bar and Golden Spike trails. In all 3 days the awww factor and the pucker factor was at its maximum.  Awww! for the scenery and puckering for the obstacles.

Even though we were enjoying the days very much, the nights were cold in the tent.  On top of that, the wind storm on third day flattened my tent.  I put my tent back up but I couldnt do anything about the cold. It was -4C.  I took two rocks and put them into camp fire. When they were hot, I put them in my cooking pot and covered it with slightly wet towel.  Then cuddled it all night to keep warm.

Because of the cold Dave’s family and I decided to end our Moab part of the trip 2 days earlier and decided to head down to Grand Canyon.  After a quick visit to Grand Canyon, we went up to Death Valley.  This was the second big part of  our trip.  The plan was to see the race track, titus canyon, Scottys Castle, Bad Water Basin, craters,  canyons, sand dunes, ghost towns and mines. We did it all. We camped at Stove Pipe Wells campground.  It had a cranky host, a swimming pool and it was in the center of the Death Valley.  It made it easier to get to the trails in every 4 directions. The days was very hot and the nights were perfect temperature to sleep.  Until another wind storm flattened my tent on the third day.  The damage to the tent was unfix-able this time. So it was time for us to hit the road to find a motel.

This was basically the end of our trip.  The road back was one night in Williams, one night in Reno, one night in  Salem.  The route from Reno to Oregon was suggested by a very nice gentleman in the hotel we met in Williams.  It was through route 268 and 395.  It was the craziest windy road like a roller coaster with the views of Sierra Nevada.  There was not a single day in my trip  that wasnt better than the day before it. Everyday I was in full surprise with the landscape, the weather, the history I learned and experienced. The total round trip was 6495kms. The total elevation gained was 8600 ft from -280 t0 8300. Traveled through 7 states.

I will post my pictures and videos under this post later.  Meanwhile here is some of them from my facebook page and instagram page: