Apex Mountain, Hedley, BC

Apex Mountain is a ski resort. If you have the money, as far as I know, it is for sale too. The whole area is a beautiful alpine country. Very much like Whipsaw. It very close to Whipsaw too. It is in Hedley, BC. The best of the trip other than camping by the lake and beautiful scenery was Plain Hard Trail. This trail was supposedly too hard for JKs to do. Well, all of us, finished the trail. Scott was leading us in his heavily built TJ. He is a highly qualified, avid and talented off road driver. He even had his challenges in certain areas. I was the only JK driver to complete the trail without pulling my winch line. That made me feel good. But not everybody was enjoying the trail as much as I did. In my opinion, Dillon in his open open sahara was the truly the winner of the day.

Mineral Peak

Aug 12th, 2012

This is our last trip to Mineral Peak. On the way, we stopped at the old ruins of Britannia Copper Mine power plant. From there we came back to Britannia Creek Fsr and followed the route up to get to Jane’s Basin.  This was area where they used to dig and move earth.  We decided to go further up.  That was best decision.  We started climbing up the mountain in our jeeps. The road started getting narrower.  We had to some sharp hair pin turns which had some pucker factor built in it.  One side was mountain and the other side was a sharp 1000 ft drop.  Once we get to the top we were surprised to find out that the top of mountain was big crater from all the digging.  The scenery was breath taking.  The peak itself is like a big crater or a big hole on top of the mountain. It must be all the digging for the minerals.


Mineral Peak

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Mountain Jeep (at Molibdenite)

This was my best trip ever in my jeep.  I enjoyed both the trip and making the video of it. I really liked my friend Pat’s comment on this trip.  Here I will share it with you word by word:

“It was awe inspiring to get that high up into the mountains in our jeeps! This was the most scenic and incredible wheeling I’ve done and was well worth the drive. The pics and vids that are going to come out of this trip won’t even do justice to the awesomeness of it all…but they are going to be epic. A stock jeep would make it all the way to the top of this well made road to the heavens but I wouldn’t do it alone. From the upper meadow which is at the 6600′ level to the top the trail is sometimes just wheel width wide and the view out the downside window is of a 1650′ drop off at about 60 degrees. Makes for some real gut checking moments….throw in a couple if big rocks that require the inner wheel to go over them because there is no way around them and you’ve got an exciting moment or two!”



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