Moab ’15 Adventure – Steelbender

After our last year Moab 2014 trip, we decided to go back to Moab this year for more fun. Dave, Dillon, Ron and I was getting ready for this trip for almost since we left Moab last year. This time we rented a house in between 4 friends. It was much better than camping in freezing cold 🙂

The first trail we picked was Steelbender. We were tired from the road we have driven in 2 days from Vancouver, BC to Moab, UT. So a trail like Steelbender with moderate difficulty and being close to town was a perfect choice. When I say close to town, the trail literally starts right at the edge of the town where the housing ends.

The 2 big obstacles on Steelbender is The Wall and The Fall. We somehow missed The Wall but The Fall was exciting. It was a big ledge which drops almost 7 or 8 feet high. When you touch down if you are too close to right side, nothing will stop you to drop another 14 feet 🙂 So slow and the spotter are the key words. The rest of the trail is full with lots of ledges, some sandy canyon driving and 2 water crossings. One at the beginning and one at the end. The second water crossing follows with 2 big ledges and a skyscraper high rock. This rock has pictographs on it. We tried to estimate the drawings. My estimate for the story on the wall was “Dogs are good pets. They protect man from evil creatures by biting their legs” or something like that.

This trail is definitely not a stock jeep trail. Lockers and high clearance would be recommended.