Overland Journal – Edge of the World – The Video

My friend Hai, Cam and Monthy were up in Chilcotin area in BC. We were exploring around Poison mountain and Mud lake area. The area was above tree level and scenery was spectacular. On the way back, we were checking out the off shoots from main road as we always do. Just to see where they go. One of these roads just kept going and getting higher and higher. At sections we had to dig trenches on the mountain side to make the road wide enough. At 6000 ft the road got really sketchy so we we had make a decision to turn around or to continue. Out of 4 jeeps, 3 of my friends voted to turn around and I voted to continue. But Hai said if I continue, he would hope into my jeep. Monthy and Cam decided to wait at where we were and watch the scenery. After that is all in the video 🙂 I wouldn’t recommend this road to anybody. It is highly dangerous and possible to roll your vehicle into a 6000ft down tumble. There are sections where the earth is really loose where it makes your vehicle slide sideways as if it is on snow.

Thanks to my friends Hai of overlandphotounlimited.com, Monty of tigersrevengeoffroad on facebook and talented photographer Cam on instagram @delguidice.