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Month: September 2012

Mountain Jeep (at Molybdenite)

The comment about the trip by Pat Harrison: It was awe inspiring to get that high up into the mountains in our jeeps! This was the most scenic and incredible wheeling I’ve done and was well worth the drive. The pics and vids that are going to come out...

Drop Side

Drop Side: There are 2 lines to pick at side of the entrance to Hut Lake Trail. Right side was recently “fixed” which made it really easy for our jeeps. Left side is more challenging. My friend Pat decided to try the left side. Seeing him going through encouraged...

Wigwam Inn

Wigwam Inn is at the north end of Indian Arm, BC. It is a high end restaurant/inn where rich and famous hang out. The only access to the restaurant is by boat. Well, that was untill we got there by our Jeeps. We decided not to have the dinner...