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Month: August 2013

Blow Down Pass

The trip was awesome. On the way down, we learned the landslide from this other group who came there with their cars and a 5 ton budget truck. May be 30-40 retired people. The mud pit looked doable to me. I took two attempts on the right side of...

Kenyon Lake

It was challenging enough to get to the lake but the view was awesome. The place we went after the lake was my favorite part of the trip. There were all these natural tubs however the water was a little too cold. I will definitely go back on a...


Goldbridge is passed Pemberton, BC on the way to Lillooet. There are 2 other small towns close to Goldbridge called Bralorne and Braidan. Braidan’s population is 0. Bralorne’s is probably around 200. These are all towns that were built during gold rsh. There are still old mine sites in...