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We were back in Squamish Area last weekend. My new friends Cedric and Krista joined me on this adventure. Cedric is an aerial videographer. I was so excited to have them with us for aerial videos and they were so excited to see what my jeep can do. It took us 6 hours to drive to the side of the lake and only 45 minutes to come back he same distance. There were close to 20 dead tree falls on the road. We pushed and pulled and managed our way through it. Cedric was only able to do 1 flight by the lake right before it got dark. 

The whole team was great to work with to clear the road and to turn the day into fun. So special thanks go to Audiodog, Bilabong, DH-89XJ, Max and his buddies, Metaulic and his buddies and Rubichronic. 


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