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Walker Valley OHV Part 2

The second part of the my video contains best part of Walker Valley trails. The big rock on Ron’s Run trails took the paint off the hinge of my jeep’s right back door. When I was backing up to pick another line, the tree on the left side took my mirror out. I would highly recommend that during this trail keep all your limbs inside the jeep. We didnt want to try the V-rock but Evan decided to take run at the 2 rocks across the V-rock. Enjoy 🙂 We were back on paved road at around 7 PM. A special thanks to Mark for letting us use his place to leave the doors and and pressure wash our jeeps so we could make back across the border. Apparently, border patrols don’t like muddy jeeps crossing the border because of agricultural contamination possibilities. And a special thanks to Curtis for being a great trail guide 🙂